Area: 95sqm

Location: Shanghai-Century link mall

Volley is an Australian national sports brand founded in 1939, which is dedicated to creating classic sports fashion items. Its simple and refreshing appearance and comfortable and all-matching features are favored by Wang Fei and other stars and loved by the vast majority of young people. Volley Century Link Store is the first physical concept store of the brand on a global scale.

Considering that the shoe box is actually the value carrier for establishing the relationship between the brand and the customer, the shoe box element is used to construct the overall form of the space, and the triangular irregular blocks displayed on the space wall and the middle island are constructed via the free overlapping of boxes. The main wall surface also uses the box element and acrylic to present the design of the classic yellow-green belt from the brand, and the combination of frosted acrylic and native leather carton, while achieving unity in texture, also ensures the transparency of color application in the display area, which is eye-catching and marked. The design of the facade outside the shop employs the mature interactive technology of science and technology. Fluorescent tubes flicker alternately with the contents of the screen, spreading the brand's trend culture in the light and shadow changes, which is also a highlight of the whole shop.