We Have Vision , We Design Value


JYDP is specializing in interior design and brand design consulting. Founded by Michelle Sun and composed of talent designers with worldwide background. While injecting international and diverse creativity, JYDP also adheres to the concept of respecting domestic culture and principally engages in various projects such as F&B, commercial & retail, workplace and hospitality.

JYDP focuses on continuously developing life style and trend, and creates more value for the project and brand via unrestrained creativity. When respecting customers' requirement, JYDP incorporates unique creative ideas; while pursuing excellence, and we strive to make every project into a sophisticated work.

Following today's competitive commercial trend, JYDP not only considering the space, but proceeding from the competitiveness of the whole brand and project, understand and analyze the project background, business model, competitiveness and business value so as to design the spatial design accurately.

We offer integrity solution for space, care a project from initial concept design to completion of site. Besides the interior design, JYDP also provide brand design consulting, VIS design and soft decoration design, etc.


The value of things does not lie in the things themselves, instead, the value of design is far higher than that of design. We design not merely for valuable things, but for the purpose of creating value.

In a modern society that highlights theattaches more importance toquality and life style , design is no longer just a beautiful imagination in people's mind, but an effective value that can be quantified and utilized.

Adhering to the concept of "we have vision, we design value", we wish to build an interesting and sustainable design system.


Interior Design

We provide complete conceptual design for space and attach importance to the perfect landing of concepts

Brand Design

We provide brand logo design, image upgrade, brand supporting cultural symbol design and upgrade services.

Soft Furnishing

We provide the procurement and design services of soft clothing and display decoration for family housing, clubs, commerce and other spaces.

MEP Consultant

We have a professional mechanical and electrical engineering design team, cooperating with interior design, providing complete mechanical and electrical, HVAC, water supply and drainage, fire protection and other design services.

Michelle Sun Founder / Design Director

Michelle Sun graduated from Nottingham Trent University in the UK, majoring in Interior Architecture and Design. Upon graduation, she worked for IMAGINATION group in London, engaged in commercial, hotel and residential design, and participated in the projects like Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Holiday Inn and Park Inn hotel and high-street retail brand on Bond street. With more than 6 years of overseas life and work experience, she gains an international perspective on design, and has unique understanding of the application of international design in domestic projects and gradually formed her own design language guided by current design trends and values. Moreover, she established JYDP with creative partners in 2017 and serving as Design Director.

Creates unique living experiences for our world wide clients.

Our focus is always on fresh thinking, delivering efficient and innovative solutions for our clients, creating revolutionary and transformational experiences of the space.