S Flora Boutique

Area: 300 sqm

Location: Shanghai

S Flora Boutique is situated in Zhengzhou's bustling commercial square. With a view to subvert the cold impression of the "Flower of Decepticons" in the past, the brand has upgraded its image to create a brand-new flower art concept store. The overall space is designed with pink dream garden as its design tone, with dreamy pink and purple as its main colors, combined with brass display racks and gray terrazzo, assisted by natural oak, tropical plant wallpaper and white brick, creating a harmonious space atmosphere and flower art environment and setting off the high grade and dream feelings of the flower art brand.

Apart from retail, the flower shop also integrates flower art, leisure and other functions. The design team designs the counter, flower art counter, cashier desk and high bar into an integrated long bar, which saves space and meets various functional requirements simultaneously.

A whole piece of flour purple gradient glass is used for the flower art area and the leisure area for transition, and the mirror effect of the gradient glass expands the space extension to commensurate with the flowers, and is matched with green wall wallpaper to achieve the visual balance of the leisure area.