Juice 研究师

Area: 50 sqm

Location: Zhengzhou

JUICE YAN JIU SHI is a brand-new creative juice bar brand based on South Korean HUROM brand. The brand is characterized by scientific and accurate fruit content, which is different from the usual image of a beverage store. As a result, the store design incorporates scientific laboratory elements and carries out rigorous laboratory style to the brand's rigorous and accurate calculation of each bottle of juice, only to squeeze out a cup of scientific and nutritious good juice. The overall shape of the space is extracted from the "U" of the brand name "JUICE YAN JIU SHI" to create a dome laboratory. The U-shaped design elements are extended into various details in combination with equipment parts to show the extreme simplification of the space, and the bright yellow color is used as the space hue to represent the health and vitality of the fruit. Through the texture of the material, it shows that the fruit is rich in fiber and nutrition, and conveys the health and freshness of the fruit juice to people.