Location: Shanghai

In 1965, Sir Peter Boizot established the Pizza Express brand in London, England. The first Pizza Express to enter mainland China opened in Shanghai in 2006 and was named Pizza Marzano. In the special year of 2020, Pizza Marzano opened a new "black gold" brand line-Marzano in order to meet new challenges and opportunities, and invited JYDP to design its first restaurant. The restaurant is located in a brand new commercial plaza in Guangzhou, China. It covers an area of 250 square meters, and has a 38-meter-long arc-shaped facade and a 7-meter indoor ceiling height. The client hopes that the restaurant can be open all day long (satisfying the dining environment of dinner, afternoon tea and bar), and can attract customers by maximizing the degree of protruding and opening of the facade. The indoor environment needs to be layered and friendly and comfortable. This has also become the characteristic and challenge of this restaurant design.